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Dream it! Build it! Drive it!
Building blocks, cars and trucks, shape sorters and puzzles all have one thing in common. Each has withstood the test of time. More importantly, each of these playthings can still captivate and educate children as effectively as they have done for decades.

With Automoblox™, valuable elements have been taken from each of these toys to create a fresh line of modular wooden vehicles that allow children to build cars and trucks of their own design. Automoblox™ has incorporated the open-ended play of wooden blocks and combined it with the cognitive challenges gained in shape sorters and puzzles to make a toy loaded with developmental benefits all children need.

By taking the fun factor found in cars and trucks and merging it with warm traditional wooden bodies, colorful translucent roofs and bright rubber tires, Automoblox™ has created a future-retro play system that inspires creative thinking and is a visual and tactile delight for kids and those who are kids at heart.

Inspiring creativity through play. That's the idea behind Automoblox™.

Your child is an individual with a unique sense of creativity and design. The creation of something new and unique -- born of a child's imagination -- is the idea behind Automoblox™.

There are plenty of building and assembly-type toys on the market that include instructions and illustrations for your child to build the item pictured on the box. With Automoblox™, your child plays outside the box -- and builds the design pictured in his or her mind.

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