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Winning Moves


Ravensburger USA, Inc. is located in Newton, New Hampshire in a state-of-the-art facility where we develop and distribute children’s, adult, and family games and puzzles throughout the United States and Canada.

Range of goods
Ravensburger holds USA licenses for well- known names like Thomas the Tank Engine, Rainbow Fish. Ravensburger children’s products are both educational and fun, helping children grasp concepts like shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet as well as develop memory, association and strategy skills while they play.


ThinkFun is the leading manufacturer of mind challenging games. By transforming the ideas of mathematicians, puzzle masters and game theorists into engaging products ThinkFun makes games that prove that problem solving is fun.

People of all ages play ThinkFun games. We've created products for precocious three-year olds to adults who have the urge to play. ThinkFun games are designed to tickle the brain, develop reasoning skills and entertain.

ThinkFun is frequently recognized for its innovative brand of game making. In fact, ThinkFun's products have won over 150 awards. Some of our current hit products include Rush Hour, the Fifteen Puzzle, Smart Mouth and Zingo. We hope you will agree that ThinkFun makes the best mind challenging games.

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