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Welcome to, Hobbies & Crafts section, your source for quality Hobbies & Crafts that will bring you a lot of fun and satisfaction. We invite you to explore our site and discover a world of products that promise wholesome fun for people of all ages!

Matchitecture is a hobby that was developed in the 1990's in Quebec, Canada by a pharmacist Roland Quinton and BO-JEUX, and has become a world wide known and very muched loved hobby for pretty much any age group. Click here to see the steps involved.


Range of goods:
Most Matchitecture Kits come with everything you need to do the whole project, which usually includes a full set of detailed plans, enough microbeams and glue for that perticular design, and a cutter designed to cut the microbeams very accuratly. Click on the link below to choose from the designs availible.

Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos (T&K) was founded in 2001 with the Thames & Kosmos Microcontroller Kitmission of improving informal science education by publishing high-quality science and technology related educational productsfor children of all ages. T&K places an emphasis on teaching concepts and skills through hands-on modeling of real-worlddevices and processes, and by offering comprehensive, meaningful reading materials for a rich learning experience. T&K is headquartered in Portsmouth, R.I.


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